Spring is springing in SPS HQ!

I think our regulars  might have guessed that we do love Christmas, but there’s nothing better after the hustle and bustle – and perhaps one or two (or seven) too many mince pies – to think about the fresh new soaps for spring. This year we have revamped some of your favourites, to give you a fresh and spring-like collection of beautiful soaps. Our bars this spring will be: Coconut, Mojito (back from last summer’s cocktail range, because we just can’t live without it now!), a new and improved Rose, and the gorgeously sensual Lovespell. Each bar is packed with fragrance, so whether you are a fan of the creamy lusciousness of Coconut, the minty zing of Mojito, the classic elegance of Rose or the deep and lingering Lovespell, we have a bar for you!

We also know that you all love a cupcake, and the new spring cupcakes are just gorgeous. Add a bit of summer colour to the grey January days with one of these in your bathroom, and the daffodils will be springing up before you know it!





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